Model Variations:

NP-10DUH - PDU same as NP-10DU, equipped with IEC320 C13 outlets.

NP-10DUA20 - PDU same as NP-10DU, supporting 20A. Select optional power cables.
(20A PC-L52019-8, 20A PC-L62019-8)

NP-10DUA30 - PDU same as NP-10DU, supporting 30A.
(Select 30A PC-L530-9 power cable)

0-U Rackmount Brackets Included


  • 10 Independently managed power outlets.

  • True RMS current sensor provides total amperage across all outlets.

  • Configure and control with HTTP/HTTPS web interface or command line via Telnet / Serial

  • Supports TLSv1.2 encryption for HTTPS access

  • Source IP Address Access Filtering/Blocking

  • Use Autoping to reboot outlets after specified ping losses.

  • Daily reboot or weekly schedule for outlet on/off time.

  • Sync to NTP server or use real-time clock.

  • Sends event notifications via email or view local event log.

  • Restrict users to individual outlets as desired.

  • Use external dial-up modem for backend solution (DB9 serial port)

Specifications: (Note - Applies to H version)

  • 10 x NEMA 5-15R Outlets - (10 x IEC 320 C13 Outlets)
  • Handles up to 30A at 110VAC - 20A at 220VAC
  • 0U enclosure: L 31.75" x W 2.8" x H 1.75"
  • 1 x DB9 RS232 Port: Data: 7 or 8 bits. Stop Bits: 1 or 2. Parity: None Flow Control: None. Baud Rate: 2400 to 19200.
  • Network Protocols: HTTP/HTTPS, IP/TCP, ICMP, NTP, SMTP, POP3, DHCP, Telnet, and BootP
  • Network Interface: 10/100-Base T. RJ-45.
  • Operational Temperature Environment: -25C° → 50C°
  • Humidity: 5-95%, non-condensing
  • Safety and Compliance: cTUV(US & Canada), UL-60950, FCC Class B

Included Accessories:

Accessories Not Included:

Other Compatible Accessories:



Item NP-10DU NP-10DUH
Dimensions 31.75” X 2.8” X 1.75” 0U
Input Power Voltage 110 VAC
(Also support 220VAC)
Total Load
20A 20A
Power Input 1 - IEC 320 C20 1 - IEC 320 C20
AC Outlet Type 10 - NEMA 5-15R 10 - IEC 320 C13
AC Current Draw
1 - Input current sensor
Console Interface 1 - RS232 Port. DB9 Connector. Data: 7 or 8 bits. Stop Bits: 1 or 2. Parity: None Flow Control: None. Baud Rate: 2400 to 115200.
Network Interface 10/100-Base T. RJ-45
Network Protocals ICMP, IP/TCP, NTP, SNMP, SMTP, DHCP, Telnet, HTTPS/HTTP and BootP
LED Indicators 1 - Network LED
1 - Device Power LED
Weight 9 Lbs
Operational Temperature -25C° – 50C°
Humidity 5-95%, non-condensing
UL/FCC Approval TUV(US), UL-60950, FCC Class B