Synaccess Networks Inc. delivers highly reliable, leading-edge PDUs. Installed in hundreds of thousands of locations, our embedded systems offer the most versatile access methods in the Remote Power Switch industry.

Switched PDU

Metered Per Inlet (MPI) PDU

  • Remote PDU enables users to remotely access your equipment via IP networks or local serial ports

  • Detect your equipment network connectivity conditions. If necessary, restarting your systems and reporting any problems via emails and local event log.

  • Monitor your equipment energy usage, True AC current RMS sensing, environment temperature, setting threshold limits, receive emails based on current draw and SNMP Trap notifications.

  • Schedule power cycling, reboots per your application needs.


Current sensors for each power inlet, true RMS readings for total amperage draw of your powered devices.

Metered Per Outlet (MPO) PDU

Energy PDU

Console/PDU Combo


Current sensors for each power outlet, true RMS readings of amperage draw for your individual powered devices.


Provides detailed power information with true RMS Voltage, Current, Active Power, Apparent Power, AC Frequency, Phase Factor and KWH.


Remote access to RS232 ports as well as independent control of outlets via TCP/IP networks.