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Compact, 2 Outlets, Remote Power Management System.

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NP-02B is equipped with NEMA5-15 outlets and C14 inlet.
NP-02BH is equipped with IEC-320 C13 outlets and C14 inlet.

NP-02(B) Demo (Login: userID - "testme"; password - "testme")

netBooter™NP-02B and NP-02BH offers independent control of two outlets in a small, robust form factor. Manageable via TCP/IP network or direct serial connection and adaptable with the 1U brackets (optional) for mounting. Control power to your devices with the ability to fit just about anywhere.

One of the most popular units for remote installations!

  • Maintain the office internet connection with AutoPing, keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • Use daily reboot or weekly schedule for outlet on/off times.
  • Implement into your own systems with control via master serial port or TCP/IP scripting.
  • 2 Independently managed power outlets
  • Status LEDs for each outlet, link LED and device power LED
  • Configure and control with HTTP web interface or command line via Telnet / Serial
  • Use Autoping to reboot outlets after specified ping losses.
  • Daily reboot or weekly scheduler for each outlet.
  • Send event notifications via email or view local event log.
  • Restrict users to individual outlets as desired.
  • Use external dial-up modem for backend solution through the DB9 serial port
  • Optional 1U brackets for mounting on walls, under desk etc..
  • Handles large current equipment up to 13A at 110VAC (NP-02HB - 10A at 220VAC)
  • 2 power outlets. Each power outlet is user name password protected.
  • Auto ping and power reboot for each power outlet.
  • Real-time clock and Auto sync to network clock server (NTP). Scheduling daily ON/OFF events.
  • Embedded Web server enables user to easily change settings, view or alter system status.
  • One DB-9F(DCE) RS232 service port and one RJ45 Ethernet port.
  • Network Protocols: ICMP, IP/TCP, NTP, SMTP, DHCP, Telnet, HTTP and BootP

Item NP-02B NP-02BH
Power Input: 13 Amps Max 13 Amps Max
Voltage Range 110 VAC
(Also support 220VAC)
220 VAC
Power Input Cord One Power Cord One Power Cord
AC Output Outlets 2 2
Outlet Type NEMA 5-15 IEC-320 C13
Total Load (Combine all AC outlets) 13 10
AC Current Monitoring NO NO
Temperature Sensing Port NO NO
Console Interface – Local Master Port 1 RS232 Port. RJ-45 Connector. Data: 7 or 8 bits. Stop Bits: 1 or 2. Parity: None Flow Control: None. Baud Rate: 2400 to 19200.
Network Protocols ICMP, IP/TCP, NTP, SMTP, DHCP, Telnet, HTTP and BootP
Network Interface 10-Base T. RJ-45.
LED 2 Power outlet On/Off status LEDs, 1 Network LED and 1 Device Power LED.
Weight 3 3
Operational Temperature Environment -25C° – 50C°
Humidity 5-95%, non-condensing
Safety and EMI Compliance Yes. TUV(US), UL-60950, FCC Class A

NP-02B Datasheet
NP-02B Startup Guide

NP-02BH Datasheet
NP-02BH Startup Guide

Included Accessories
PC-51513-6 NEMA5-15, 6'long 14AWG/15Amp AC Power Cord.
Optional Accessories(not included)
RM1UB Mounting bracket pair.
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